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Quick Chain Videos

(click to view images in full size) One Set Includes:
  • 2 Ea-The Gear Disks
  • 20 Ea-over tire cross chain links
  • 2 Ea-rubber ropes w/hooks 50”
  • 1 Ea-cam tool
  • 2 Ea-outer chains w/cam locks.


Many drivers want something they can put on and take off quick and easy. They do not want to put chain, rope, straps through the Rim holes. Why? Not all Rims are the same and you can damage the Rim and break the valve stems. Now your still stuck and a flat tire. Lastly drivers do not want to carry Chemicals or Bulky Products to just throw on the ground, and leave there.   IS YOUR TIME VALUBLE? DO YOU TAKE CHANCES? DO YOU GAMBLE and say it is not going to happen to me?   StuckOnGrassBW   This Pick up and Delivery Driver was turning around by going onto the grass and ended up getting stuck. It took the Driver around 30 min to just barley get one chain on the rear axle tire by luck. Before working on getting a chain installed on the other side, Luckily another Driver was near by and they borrowed a chain and pulled this out of being stuck in the Grass.     Time, Chance, Gambling come into play anytime. You stop on a off or on ramp, at a dock, in a parking, or just off the pavement. Have you ever navigated through grass, mud, sand to turn around or get to a delivery or pickup. If any of these things happen and now your stuck, how long will it take you to get out, are you now going to miss A delivery or a pick up appointment? Did you end up calling a Tow Truck? How much is the tow bill going to be, $500, $800, or more? How much time will go by before your moving again. You get the point. From Owner Operator to Fleet Owners, how important is your Productivity and Time.   THE TIME IS NOW TO GET YOUR 365 CHAIN SOLUTION  

Message To Buyer

  The 365 Chain Solution, manufacturers, partners, distributors and product materials are not responsible, liable for any negligible misuse of the product or products that are for sale. It is the buyers responsibility to use said product as it is intended to be used for. The quick chain mode connections of a Min of four over the tire cross chains or more is intended for getting from a position in which the vehicle can not move to an area the buyer feels they then can remove the quick chain mode system and continue driving, and is not intended for continual road, hwy use while installed. The full chain mode connections is intended to be used to get vehicle moving and continued use on roads, with a Max speed of 30 mph / 50 kph. Full Chain Mode like other chains are to be used on snow, ice conditions. Driving on dry pavement, asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt roads will cause your over the tire cross chain links to quickly wear down and possibly break. It is the buyers responsibility to check the cross links for wearing and replace any questionable cross links to eliminate any failure on future use. Do not excessively spin wheels or lock brakes while either system (quick chain mode and full chain mode) is installed. We recommend that upon ordering you have reviewed the sites material by viewing videos and reading the material to familiarize yourself with the product. Sincerely 365 Chain Solution.

Watch Video

Quick Chain Videos
  This Video shows Full Chain Mode Test with the Outer Link w/cams being loose in Gravel type dirt and actually dug a hole by keeping Truck from moving forward. One of the Chain Links hit a rock and review of system showed that everything held together. Your install will not be loose when you put the Full Chain Mode System on. We recommend that you do not aggressively spin your tires like in this Video.